Terms & Conditions

For customers using our platform, Cityhilfer Home and Office Cleaning works hard to be totally open and to establish clear terms and conditions.

What We're All About

100% customer satisfaction is our goal when it comes to the services we offer through our devoted cleaners within a predetermined timeline. Read our terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions


All payments are made online using Stripe via SureCart Inc., which serves as our payment processor service provider. Various payment options are accepted by us, including PayPal, SOFORT, SEPA transfers, major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and others.

An invoice/receipt of payment is issued after each cleaning.

First hour payment

Before a scheduled service is provided, a deposit for the first hour of the cleaning must be paid if there isn’t an active subscription (regular cleaning schedule) with Cityhilfer. The customer gives Stripe permission to handle all subsequent payments by making the initial payment. Unless other agreements have been established in writing, the final payment is required no later than 3 days after receiving a payment request. After the cleaning, a payment request will be sent if the customer cannot be charged automatically. Our transaction service provider “Stripe via SureCart Inc” generates and processes all automatic charges and payment requests.



Customers have the option of subscribing to regular cleaning services, which have lower costs. Customers must either choose this option on the online booking form or get in touch with the customer support team to activate a subscription. Any day of the week can be chosen for regular cleanings, with the following frequency options: twice weekly, once weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks, or monthly. A continuing membership ensures discounted prices. However, the subscription will be immediately terminated and made inactive if cleaning appointments are postponed or cancelled for longer than 30 days. The current rates will be used if a subscription is reactivated after more than 30 days, based on our terms and conditions. 

Terms and conditions

Appointment Booking & Confirmation

First-time clients must make a reservation and pay for the first hour of cleaning services using the online booking form on the Cityhilfer website.
Regular and recurrent customers may make appointments by phone, Whatsapp, or email in addition to using the online booking form to reserve subsequent cleaning sessions.

You acknowledge and agree to be bound by Cityhilfer GmbH’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking the “book cleaning” button on the Cityhilfer website.

To avoid any unforeseen fees, Cityhilfer's price system is open and transparent, and it is explicitly stated on the website.

To make it easier for Cityhilfer to deliver cleaning services, the Customer agrees to provide correct and comprehensive information during the booking process. Customers can request specialised services when scheduling a cleaning service, including laundry, ironing, plate washing,  sanitization, gardening, steam cleaning, and others. Some unique requests, like Moving-in-Out Cleaning or Deep Cleaning, are only accessible with upgraded packages. An additional fee for such service will be charged if the scope of work for a customised request is large. Please consult the included services in some cleaning packages listed on cityhilfer.de/cleaningservices/ for additional details, or get in touch with our Customer Support.

Following receipt of the booking request, Cityhilfer confirms the booking, devises the cleaning plan and designates a qualified cleaner to the Customer. 12 hours before the scheduled cleaning session, customers will receive a reminder email and can also follow the schedule via the customer dashboard . 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Cancellation & Refund

"The development of mutual understanding via fairness, transparency, and accountability is more important to us."

We are cognizant of the possibility of unplanned events in life. We established a policy with some latitude to take this into account. For the purpose of cancelling, rescheduling, or changing an appointment without being charged extra, the Customer shall give at least 48 hours notice. An early cancellation, rescheduling, or modification fee (equal to the payment for the first hour of the planned cleaning) will be charged if the appointment is changed, cancelled, or postponed within less than 48 hours of the cleaning scheduled.

If not satisfied with the cleaning services provided

According to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, if the Client is not pleased with the cleaning outcomes, a pertinent complaint should be submitted and forwarded to the Cityhilfer service email within 24 hours of the cleaning visit, along with images showing any neglected areas. If the complaint is found to be valid, the customer can be entitled to a discount, free correction cleaning session, complete refund, or partial refund. If the customer requests one, a free correction cleaning appointment must be booked no later than two days after the initial cleaning.

If the Customer reduces the prescribed cleaning duration or shortens the cleaning duration, we have the right to reject any quality complaints.

Access to Your Home

The customer must be on-site during the scheduled cleaning to grant access to our cleaning specialist, or the customer may give the cleaning specialist a duplicate key. If the cleaner is unable to enter your home at the scheduled start time, they must wait at your door for 20 minutes before proceeding. The cleaner may leave the property after waiting the predetermined amount of time if there is no response after calling and ringing the doorbell. In these circumstances, the first hour of cleaning will be charged as a retainer. Please be aware that in these situations, the customer must pay a fresh deposit in order to book another cleaning appointment.

Electronic Communication

You expressly consent to receiving electronic communications from Cityhilfer by providing your contact information in one of the website's booking or contact forms. These notifications could be updates on new services, business updates, promotions, beneficial news via Newsletters, or cleaning advice, among other things.

Opt-Out Option

Send an email to info@cityhilfer.de with the appropriate request to unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive these types of communications or newsletters from Cityhilfer. We will quickly delete your email address from our mailing list within 24 hours of receiving your request. We caution against marking emails from our mailing lists as spam because doing so does not stop future emails from being delivered to you.

In case of any issues

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our policies that need to be clarified further. We work hard to make sure that cleaners handle all different kinds of properties (apartments, homes, offices, etc.) with the utmost respect and professionalism. We want you to let us know right away if there are any problems. We pledge to promptly and satisfactorily address any problems that may develop.


We cherish them. Customers are asked to secure any pets that might be a danger to the cleaners in order to protect their safety. Cleaning up after ill or injured pets is also not permitted for Cleaners. Customers are encouraged to protect their pets in case a pet escapes while the cleaning is being done because they are responsible. Any loss or injury to the pets is not the cleaners' responsibility.


During cleaning, there may inevitably be breakages or damages. Although our cleaning professionals take steps to prevent such instances, mistakes can nevertheless occur due to risky circumstances that may lead to damages or breakages. We cannot be held liable for breakages or damages if this dangerous occurrence was caused by the customer's carelessness unless it was mainly our cleaner's fault. To prevent such situations, we advise customers to take fragile and unstable things out of the areas that will be cleaned. The After-Cleaning Report's comments section should be used to record any grievances or observations regarding breakages or damages.