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Choose the type of cleaning, you can book directly by pressing "Book Now" or fill out the booking form; provide the cleaning time, date, and address of your property. You can chat with us before booking.


Pay for the first hour.

A first-hour deposit is needed to confirm your reservation. The total bill is reduced by the amount paid.


Have your placed cleaned.

One of our skilled cleaners will come to your apartment and clean it. You'll get a cleaning summary after the cleaning is done.

Currently serving Berlin, Potsdam, Schönefeld, Bernau, Oranienburg, Teltow Stadt, and all neighboring areas around Berlin!


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Cleaning services

What is the cost of the cleaning service?

A regular (subscription) home cleaning service can be booked for as little as €23.90/h. This cost is only applicable to clients who choose to have their apartments cleaned at least once per month. See which of the alternatives below best suits you if you’re interested in a one-time cleaning service.

*Tax benefit of 19% included.



Tasks: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

The standard cleaning tasks around the house are included in the scope of regular cleaning. Your cleaner will clean your kitchen, bathroom, and windows in addition to wiping down other surfaces that are easily accessible. Additionally covered by the subscription cleaning plan is descalement of the shower enclosure. This service includes:


Tasks: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning

The one-time basic cleaning service's normal scope entails dusting all accessible surfaces, washing and sanitizing the toilet, shower, tub, and sink, as well as external appliance and cabinet cleaning. Although optional services may be requested, if your budget is tight, you might wish to limit the scope of cleaning because your total fee will depend on how long the cleaning takes. Also includes:

Cityhilfer-deep cleaning


Tasks: All basic cleaning tasks plus free optional services

The deep cleaning service includes deep cleaning and vacuuming of floors, living rooms, kitchens and cupboards, bathrooms, and windows, in addition to dusting all accessible surfaces. Features includes:

Cityhilfer-Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Tasks: Deep cleaning plus free optional services

For beginning of tenancy, ending of lease, and post-construction cleaning, use this cleaning package. The scope of this special deep cleaning includes thorough dusting, removing paint and plaster stains, thoroughly cleaning all available floor surfaces, and cleaning windowpanes and frames. Also includes:

Book at least 1 hour before!



Sofa/Mattress Cleaning

Tasks: Steam Sofa, Mattress, Furniture Cleaning

For objects that are too delicate for high pressure water or chemical cleaning, like sofas, carpets, rugs, mattresses, and pillows, we provide expert steam cleaning services.


  • Minimum of 2 hours.
  • Optional cleaning services can be requested.
  • Picture and size of items should be provided.
  • Hypoallergenic solutions are used. 
Cityhilfer-steam cleaning
carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

From €29.9/h

Clean your standard size carpet or rug with eco-friendly, hypoallergenic solutions and vacuum drying. Minimum booking is 2 hours.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

From €7.99/window

Get your windows looking their best with our professional window cleaning service to ensure a sparkling, streak-free finish every time.  Minimum  of 5 windows. 

kitchen cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

From €31.9/h

Cleaning the whole kitchen, including cabinets, hood, grill, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, sink, floors, and tiles. Wash dishes and change trash bags.


Office and Business Cleaning Services

  • One-time or subscription cleaning services.
  • More frequent cleaning – higher discount.
  • We use vacuum cleaner and sanitized mop/towels.
  • Flexible cleaning schedules.
  • Cleaning the toilets, kitchens, and general social areas, as well as dusting the desks and electronic devices.
  • Sanitize all the surfaces like the furniture, computer devices or vacuum the upholstery of the office chairs


What our clients say about us!

Khaled Osman
Khaled Osman
February 7, 2024
Booked a last minute cleaning today, the apartment hasn't been cleaned in a while and was quite messy, Babatunde took care of everything and went the extra mile to make sure everything is cleaned up, exceeded my expectations.
Adèle Bourguignon
Adèle Bourguignon
February 2, 2024
Highly recommend this service! I booked a move-out cleaning and was coordinating it from abroad - all in English. They went above and beyond to help and did an excellent job.
emika kabera
emika kabera
February 1, 2024
This is one of the best cleaning service in Berlin. On time, through cleaning, and polite. I couldn't imagine my life without their cleaning company. Thank you for everything
Tarita Sahdev
Tarita Sahdev
January 28, 2024
They were very prompt in setting up a same day appointment on a Sunday. Asked for a deep cleaning of my bathroom and he great job, thank you. Very professional service, highly recommended!
odessa rhae galendez
odessa rhae galendez
January 25, 2024
I wanted to rate it a 4 to 4.5 since there’s still room for improvements, it was a bit late so there was no natural light and i might have overlooked a bit of some dirt in the kitchen and batrhoom walls. Would have also been better if the materials/cleaning solutions used were stronger since i mentioned beforehand it was occupied for 10years by another person. But he did really well, removed a lot of 10 years dirt. He is also really very friendly. Thank you for taking time to squeeze in cleaning my apartment. I really appreciate that! Till next time! ☺️ viel Erfolg to your growing company. Expecting a nice app soon!
Andrew Oates
Andrew Oates
December 23, 2023
Fantastic service to deep clean two rugs, a sofa and mattress. Highly recommended to anybody and speaks great English for the expats. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again.
Martha Boxley
Martha Boxley
November 15, 2023
Excellent service. They removed all the dirt and stains on my couch and rug made by my dog and child. Highly recommended. English speaking also a plus!
Mahesh Sathi
Mahesh Sathi
November 12, 2023
I utilized the services for my apartment move-in. The apartment was in poor condition, but he cleaned it thoroughly.
Esteban Otalora castaño
Esteban Otalora castaño
November 11, 2023
Really nice service and proffesional,

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ for responses. Please get in touch with us if your question isn’t addressed. Ask a question and receive a prompt response from a human; no robots or pre-written responses.


General Questions About Cleaning

The kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room, and stairwell are all cleaned by us. This entails wiping and dusting every surface, vacuuming and washing the floors, as well as deep cleaning the oven, hood, refrigerators, microwave, doors, handles, and switches. Steam cleaning for couches, mattresses, and carpets is one of our specialties, along with laundry and ironing services. We can satisfy further special cleaning demands. We have basic and deep cleaning services. 


Other than our basic cleaning services, every other type of cleaning we offer includes cleaning supplies. Moreover, you must indicate in the booking form whether you want your cleaner to bring cleaning supplies, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner. Simply contact our customer care team via email, phone, or chat if you forgot to add it when making your reservation, and we’ll include it for you.

Any major credit or debit card, SOFORT, Giropay, PayPal, SEPA direct, and bank transfers are all acceptable methods of payment. Our payment system is based on secured and safe Stripe and Mollie technologies. 

Simply get in touch with our customer service team through email, Whatsapp, or phone and provide the appointment specifics (the appointment date and your name/email address are sufficient). Your cancellation will be confirmed via email. You will get 100% of your deposit refunded if you cancel no later than 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning date.

You can cancel your reservations or subscriptions at any time. To do so, just get in touch with our customer support team by phone, email, or Whatsapp and include the specifics of your appointment. Your cancellation will be verified by email from us. You will get a full refund of your deposit if you cancel no later than 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning.

No! We employ both male and female expert cleaners to provide top-notch cleaning services.

Yes, you are able to request a certain cleaner, who will then be allocated based on availability and work schedules. But rest assured that every one of our cleaners is qualified and well-trained. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with our service or a particular cleaner; we’ll make it right without charging you anything more.

It’s entirely up to you. Our cleaners will show up at your location on time. One thing to keep in mind is that some clients like the chance to spend some alone time in the city while their apartment is being cleaned. Some like to hang around so they may occasionally offer the cleaner instructions when they’re required. Access to your property is the only thing you need to worry about. For office cleaning, we can do it right after the last employee leaves or right before business resumes in the morning.

Through our website, you can schedule cleaning for future days and book cleaning at any moment during the day. The minimum time requirement for cleaning is two hours, with the exception of our last-minute cleaning services.

Cleaning types

The basic cleaning service focuses on dusting, mopping, and parts of your home that are easily accessible (bathroom, bedroom and living room). The deep cleaning service includes both easily accessible surfaces and harder-to-reach places, such as within appliances like the refrigerator, oven, and cupboards. removing paint, vigorous vacuuming, steaming, and removing stains. The deep cleaning service might not be the greatest option if you live in a clean, well-maintained home that gets cleaned at least once a week. Also, unless there is an office party, basic cleaning is appropriate for the workplace.

Deep cleaning is suitable for rental properties that are not routinely cleaned, after-parties, new tenants, and comprehensive sanitization of a property. The deep cleaning is also appropriate for thorough mopping, dusting, vacuuming the property, removing cobwebs, removing stains, and dry cleaning of mattresses and sofas. To get rid of allergy and asthma allergens from their homes, some clients choose for a deep cleaning service.

You will receive an automated confirmation email with a payment receipt after your reservation is made and the first hour is paid. You’ll then get a follow-up booking confirmation containing your cleaner’s information.

The minimum cleaning time for all other services, such as deep cleaning and move-in/move-out, is three hours. The minimum cleaning time for basic services is two hours.

The move-in/move-out deep cleaning service might need specialist tools for removing paint and stains. Also, the use of specialized eco-friendly cleaning agents for sanitizing purposes and furniture polishing may be used.

Check out the cleaning service that best suits your needs on our website (https://cityhilfer.de/cleaningservices/), make sure you have the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, or choose them when making a reservation (so that our cleaner will bring them along). We are available 24/7, so you may speak with us to discuss any specific cleaning requests before making a reservation.

Standard cleaning times range from 2 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours for a 20 m2 property. Whereas deep cleaning often takes three to five hours. Standard cleaning times for a 60 m2 property range from 3 to 5 hours. An average 90 m2 property needs between 5 and 7 hours and 30 minutes of basic cleaning time per cleaner. By hiring an additional cleaner or condensing the scope of the cleaning service, you might reduce the anticipated cleaning time.
If you choose to reserve less time than the minimum advised, kindly let us know in the comments which areas/activities are most important and which ones can be omitted if there is not enough time to complete all of the tasks.